What People Say ......

for confidentiality all names have been changed 

Covid 19 Pandemic

Medical Worker

"I started my sessions with Loraine during the Covid-19 pandemic where my work as a nurse was putting significant strain on my mental health. Having started the sessions at a point where I was close to burnout and considering alternative work I am astounded and grateful at the improvement in how I feel. Loraine has enabled me to manage anxiety and stress and I am enjoying work once again. I immediately found Loraine to be a genuinely kind, warm and approachable therapist and without a doubt this helped me even more during the course of our sessions. Loraine guided the therapy in such a way that it never felt overwhelming or as if it even required any effort on my part. The positive changes that I have seen are extending into my personal life. Thank you Loraine."

Anne, Warwickshire

Stress Management

Stressed Woman

I was apprehensive about trying hypnotherapy because I find it hard to relax and switch off the thoughts running through my mind. Loraine overcame this easily with her lovely soothing voice, and when I came out of hypnosis I was surprised that forty minutes had passed! The hypnotherapy has helped me greatly to cope with stress in my life, and I would recommend Loraine to anyone who is wondering whether hypnotherapy can help them

Sally, Norfolk



"My anxiety is much more under control than before, I've pretty much conquered trains, can now go on buses and am planning on tackling a plane at some point.... Thank you for helping me get to this point, for giving me tools to cope and being someone I could talk to about everything."

Sarah-Jane, Suffolk

Stress & Anxiety Management 

Confidence and Self Esteem

Habits and Phobias 

Exam Nerves inc. Driving Test

Pain Management inc. Birthing, IBS

Anger Management

Grief, Loss, Bereavement

Weight Management

and More ....

Relationship Issues


"Having battled with myself for four years after my divorce, I finally gave in and realised I needed help to move on with my life.  Loraine was very professional and made me feel at ease straight away, she helped me put my feelings of guilt behind me and move forward leaving the past in the past.  My friends have commented on how much stronger I am now and I don't think about my ex-husband with tears now.  I would strongly recommend Loraine and have done to others who are seeing positive results."

Harriet, Norfolk


Reading To Your Dog

I never realised how much the miscarriages had affected me but I now feel so much lighter and am happier in myself knowing I can now move forward in my life."

Tina,  Manchester

Stress Management

Stressed Man

"I recently had some hypnotherapy and to be frank I was a bit sceptical as to whether it would work. I have a stressful job and needed to find a way to control my stress levels before they went off the scale. I contacted Gracious Mountain Therapies and Loraine was very understanding and felt she could help me recognise and manage my stress on a day to day basis. I have had 3 sessions of hypnotherapy so far and have found a great change in the way that I manage stressful situations before they get out of hand. Hypnotherapy is not for everyone but I would certainly recommend that you try, it certainly helped me."  

John, Norfolk

Confidence & Self Esteem

Attentive Therapist

"After receiving Hypnotherapy and being unsure of what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised at the whole experience.  I felt relaxed, comfortable and at ease with Loraine and felt in control throughout the sessions .   I noticed subtle ongoing changes with my confidence and self esteem in various situations and generally felt uplifted."

Jane, Norfolk

Stop Smoking


"...finding stopping smoking significantly easier than any previous attempts.  My attitude is much more about positive gains and benefits than perceived loss which I attribute to the hypnotherapy - so thank you very much"

Imogen, Norfolk

Performance Anxiety

Acting Audition

"I am a performer who has always experienced nerves leading up to a performance. Although I could still perform once I got on stage, I always wondered if it was at all possible to be free from the unnecessary anxiety I'd experience leading up to each performance. It was as if my mind felt prepared, but my body still reacted in fear. 


After working with Loraine it was strange to look for the anxiety where I use to feel it and not be able to find it. I kept thinking that at some point, I was bound to experience the nerves I had encountered time and time again like I did  in the past; but instead. I felt clear. 


I even noticed an overall difference in the quality of my performance  when I appeared on stage recently, just days after our session on Skype.


It was nice to finally be able to enjoy myself before I got on stage and not feel overwhelmed beforehand.


Now I can relax and know that I no longer have to endure those old feelings.


Performing can be fun both on stage and before I get on stage."  


Simon,  Canada