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Hypnotherapy Supervision

I am a registered Supervisor for the APHP, GHR and the HS

Reflective Supervision to Enhance Your Practice

Individual or Group Supervision, online or Face to Face

The New Therapist

As a new therapist, setting up in practice can be a daunting experience.  The supervision I offer can include helping you set up your business, giving you ideas for you office systems and marketing, how to handle your clients and how to get the best results for you and your clients.


There are many different styles of supervision.  I like to work reflectively, where the therapist is setting goals, looking at the steps needed to achieve them and then reflecting on the steps, adjusting if necessary so as to achieve their goals.  Reflective practice can be used in both individual and group supervision.

How long are supervision sessions?

This will depend on your registered association as they can all differ slightly from being one to one and a half hours.  The amount of sessions again can differ from 5-10 a year to monthly.  I will adjust the sessions we do to work with both your association and what works best for you and your requirements. 

Working at home

What about confidentiality?

Whether  individual or group supervision, it is extremely important to keep your client's identity confidential.  Supervision is the only place where you can discuss any of your clients and seek help or 'offload', this is why supervision is so important not only to the new therapist but also the seasoned professional.

How do I know your the right supervisor for me?

I  believe supervision is the same as therapy, you need to have the right person to match your style, as well as the modalities you use and the clients you see.  I work with children, adolescents and adults.  I offer a free, no obligation, meeting where we can discuss your supervision requirements and decide whether we are happy working together and whether you require individual or group supervision depending on your experience and circumstances.  

The Seasoned Professional

As professional therapists we all know we need to avoid 'burn out' and have an outlet to be able to discuss the client that, on occassions, we may struggle with.  Group or Peer Supervision is a brilliant way to do this in a professional environment.  It can also be good for your business when colleagues may have come across new ideas or marketing innovations they are happy to share. Continual supervision may not be a requirement of your association but perhaps it should be a requirement of your business and wellbeing.

Are you a Qualified Supervisor?

Yes, I have taken an extensive supervisor course which included practical work and a written assessment.  As an accredited member of several professional associations and registers, I have had my qualifications verified.  For my own working practice I make sure that my qualifications are kept up to date with Continuous Professional Development (CPD) on various aspects of the therapies that I offer every year.  Each of these associations and registers have their own minimum levels of CPD that is required on an annual basis.

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