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Gracious Mountain Therapies in the News

Thank you to Joe Hadden who wrote a nice article about me in the Diss Express.

the article reads:

Despite a surge in demand, fears that mental health services have been sidelined by the pandemic remain as pertinent now as they were six months ago.

Loraine Makowski-Heaton, a hypnotherapist from North Lopham, however, has managed to deftly adjust to the changing climate, moving her services online, while also accommodating for the small spike in demand brought about by the solitary nature of lockdown solitude.

The 59 year old grew up in surrey, initially training as an actress whilst dipping her toes into alternative therapies, from massage to aromatherapy.

"I found that when you gave someone a massage, they'd open up to you and I felt having counselling skills would be beneficial," she said.

"The basic counselling course I did really interested me, so when we moved to Norfolk in 2013, I wanted to progress this side of my career and concentrate on the talking therapies."

The mother-of-four founded Gracious Mountain Therapies from her home in North Lopham, drifting from the broad-ranging counselling sessions to hypnotherapy and BrainWorking Recursive therapy (BWRT) - an alternative therapy that focuses on targeting thoughts as they travel from your subconscious to your conscious mind.

"It's very different from any other therapy out there." said Mrs Makowski-Heaton.

"Some difficulties can even be sorted out in just one session."

"It doesn't require the client to divulge their innermost secrets and is carried out in a completely conscious state."

"With both hypnotherapy and BWRT, I help tackle many problems including stress, anxiety, confidence and low self-esteem, phobias, habits and addictions."

Mrs Makowski-Heaton notes that the pandemic has seen a noticeable spike in a number of conditions, while clients move from her sofa to her computer screen.

She said: "There's been a few people who've had their anxieties heightened, and some particular Covid issues that we are dealing with."

Joe Hadden - Diss Express

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