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Enabling you to make changes in your life

Do you find yourself repeating the same patterns and need help to change?


Do you feel anxious when you find yourself in new situations or when things get on top of you?

Would you like to feel that you have more control of your life?

Are you suffering with symptoms of the Menopause?

Have you lost confidence and need help to find the right path?

Do you feel your self esteem has taken a battering and you need help to find it?

Are you struggling with stress at work or at home and finding even the little things are becoming difficult?

Do you have a habit or phobia that holds you back or stops you enjoying parts of your life?

Would you like to Stop smoking for good?

Someone sitting on a mountain side meditating

Just as a mountain guide helps climbers navigate challenging terrain, I'm here to help you navigate the challenges of life. 
Together, we can reach your goals.

Loraine Makowski-Heaton

Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and Registered BWRT (adv.) Practitioner 

Accredited Hypnotherapy Supervisor

Working with Adults, Adolescents and Children


What is Hypnosis and can it help? 
Watch this short video to find out more ...

Hypnotherapy is a natural way of treating many kinds of emotional and psychological problems that we find ourselves suffering from especially with the pressures of todays busy world and the different lives we live or would like to live. 

BWRT® is a revolutionary and extremely powerful solution-focused behavioural psychotherapy which means that we work on creating a solution to a learned behaviour that you wish to change.  

'Psychotherapy' can cover many techniques that a therapist can use to explore and enhance your behaviours, thoughts, feelings and moods.

As a qualified Hypnotherapy Supervisor I offer reflective supervision either individually or in groups

Gracious Mountain Therapies offers an Integrative Approach to Therapy

Blogs and Videos about Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy & BWRT

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