Choosing a Hypnotherapist

So many hypnotherapists so who is right for you?

I can take a guess that if you are here on my blog it is because you are thinking about visiting a hypnotherapist for a course of treatment. You might be wondering how to choose

and which hypnotherapist will be right for you as there seems to be so many out there. Unfortunately (in my opinion anyway) anyone can call themselves a hypnotherapist, so you need to be careful.

Safety first so choose someone on a professional register

First thing to do is make sure you are safe. So make sure your hypnotherapist is registered with a professional body. The hypnotherapist will advertise a professional logo of their regulator on their website and/or marketing material. These regulatory bodies will have validated the qualifications of the hypnotherapist prior to membership, they will have an ethical code which the hypnotherapist has to abide to and a complaints procedure should you ever have any difficulty with the hypnotherapist.

Always check that the hypnotherapist has current professional insurance.

Talk to the hypnotherapist: Do you like them?

Then comes the really important bit. Phone them up, talk to them and find out if you like them. Ask them if they have experience in the field that you are looking for help with, for instance, weight loss, anxiety or habit or phobia. Have a really good chat with them and see how you get on. A hypnotherapist can be incredibly skilled and well-qualified and a fantastic person but just not right for you. Rely on your instincts. To get the most out of a hypnotherapy session you will need to have a good rapport with your therapist and this is so much easier if you feel you would get along.

Ask for a recommendation

If you don't think you would work well with the first person you ring don't feel afraid of saying so and asking for a recommendation. If they are a successful professional, they will not mind this at all. And you will get some good advice because they will know who else is good in their area of expertise and locality.

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