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Thoughts Behind a Name

How I decided on the name 'Gracious Mountain Therapies' for my therapy business

People often ask me why I chose the name Gracious Mountain Therapies? And what did Gracious Mountain have to do with hypnotherapy, psychotherapy or BWRT especially due to the fact that I live in Norfolk and, as I am sure you are aware, it is quite flat and there are no mountains about? Although a neighbour once mentioned that we live on a hill as we are 90ft above sea level! Very different from the 'hills' we left in Wales.

So, why did I decide on the name Gracious Mountain? Well, originally I did think about using my name, even though it’s double barrelled and a bit of a mouthful but there were a couple of reasons why I thought this was not such a good idea. Firstly, of course I was concerned that my surname is very long and when you add the word ‘Therapies’ to the end of it makes it even worse and secondly I looked at splitting the names and either used one or the other but was that right? I wasn't sure.

The whole name process made me look at who I am, what I want to achieve through the therapies I use, who I wanted to help and my own beliefs in those therapies and the philosophies behind them – yes a bit deep but quite meaningful I think.

A synopsis of those thoughts :-

Everybody has their own personal mountain to climb and sometimes we all need a little help. It can be tough and somewhat lonely out there doing everything on your own and that’s where I come in. I want to be able to help you on that journey, for you to achieve your true potential and hopefully ease the hardships that we can all feel along the way.

And then there’s the ‘Gracious’ part. When you look at the word Gracious in a Thesaurus there are many words which are extremely relevant to how I believe a Therapist should be and how I strive to be with my clients. Here are a few - Courteous, Diplomatic, Amiable, Well-mannered, Sociable, Civil, Tactful, Polite, Kind, Compassionate, Humane, Understanding.

So I guess what I want to do achieve is to be able to ‘graciously’ help you achieve your true potential - the top of your ‘mountain’ and down the other side – using Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy or BWRT or sometimes even a mixture, and listening to your needs and requirements with Compassion and Understanding. A holistic approach at all times.

So there you have it. Why I chose the name Gracious Mountain Therapies.

Do let me know what thoughts, if any, you may have, I’d be really interested to hear your opinion.

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